Tuesday, 12 December 2017

2018 preview EIGHT: Announcing the FIRST FIVE DATES in our MASSIVE 2018 TOUR!

Very excited to announce the first FIVE shows in our BIG 2018 tour are now UP! We'll be appearing at...
And this is just the start! Many more events and show dates to be announced throughout the year, so wherever you live you have a chance to come see us! Stay tuned to that events bar on the right!


Monday, 11 December 2017

2018 Preview SEVEN: Long Gone Don FIVE is finally here!

2018 preview SEVEN! This is ACTUALLY one we announced last year, but due to various clashes and delays it didn't happen in 2017, but it IS happening in 2018! I am of course talking about the triumphant return of Long Gone Don to The Phoenix, in our FIFTH feature length adventure! We've been working very hard to make sure this is our most epic, hilarious and downright MASSIVE adventure yet, so get your eyeballs ready for The Trouble With Crows!

Announcement EIGHT coming tomorrow!


Sunday, 10 December 2017

How to THINK when you draw ROBOT ARMS tutorial taster

This week's tutorial for The Phoenix is How to THINK when you draw ROBOT ARMS, here's a taster! Tutorials BOOK coming to KICKSTARTER March 2018 :)

PLUS!!! GO HERE to get 4 weeks of tutorials, plus 140 pages of incredible COMIC for £1!



Friday, 8 December 2017

2018 preview SIX: Join our KICKSTARTER launch MAILING LIST to be in with a chance of bagging ORIGINAL ART!

So, as announced YESTERDAY, we're launching a multi-book kickstarter in MARCH 2018, BUT ... WE WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCING THE EXACT LAUNCH DAY AHEAD OF IT GOING LIVE!

The ONLY WAY to be the first to know when the campaign launches, and thus be in with a chance of getting your paws on one of the VERY LIMITED numbers of tiers offering original pieces of my artwork, is to join the LAUNCH DAY MAILING LIST!

Just write to me at MISTERLORENZOBOY@YAHOO.CO.UK and say "Add me, Lorenzo!" and you'll get a mail when the Kickstarter goes live :)


Thursday, 7 December 2017

2018 preview FIVE: The art of STRANSKI reprint!

Ooooooh YEAH!! For those of you who missed out, we're giving you ANOTHER CHANCE to get the RAREST Etherington Brothers book there is: THE ART OF STRANSKI!

Despite a large overprint of the first printing, (and not counting a few boxes of books we have locked away for shows in the first half of next year) The Art of Stranski completely SOLD OUT within months of it's release.

The book raised £40,000 on Kickstarter earlier this year, but has been unavailable to buy online since, so, in the HIGHER TIERS of our March 2018 kickstarter you'll finally be able to get your mitts on this lost title! The book is a 100 page full colour hardback, and will come with custom 3D glasses.

So, that's the titles we're launching, BUT the MOST IMPORTANT info comes TOMORROW, as I'll be announcing how you can join our TOP SECRET MAILING LIST to be one of the FIRST to know when the Kickstarter goes live!

Stay tuned...!


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to THINK when you draw BOXES tutorial

Today's tutorial is on how to draw BOXES! I recommend combining this with my  How to draw IN 3D tutorial!

How to THINK when you draw BOOK coming to KICKSTARTER MARCH 2018!

If you want to know how to draw LOADS more stuff, here's a link to
And if you want EVEN MORE, here are links to more recent tutorials on...





That's RIGHT! The second book in our MARCH 2018 super-Kickstarter is ... The DELUXE COLLECTION part THREE - a brand new 600 PAGE sketchbook!

FOUR YEARS in the making, this giant tome collects together literally THOUSANDS of my designs, concepts, sketches and illustrations for your eyeballs to enjoy!

Keep it tuned here to the ETHERINGTON BROTHERS, as tomorrow we'll be revealing what's in that third package...!


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

2018 preview THREE: How to THINK when you draw - THE BOOK!

RIGHT! 2018 preview THREE! I'm very very very very very very very very VERY excited to reveal the first of the titles in our multi-book KICKSTARTER coming MARCH 2018 is ...
How To THINK When You Draw - 

More details about the book will be released closer to the campaign, BUT - stay tuned, as tomorrow we'll be announcing the next title in the Kickstarter!!


Monday, 4 December 2017

2018 preview TWO: Announcing EPIC MULTI-BOOK KICKSTARTER coming MARCH 2018!

2018 Preview part TWO! This is a big one :)
I'm excited to reveal that in March 2018 I'm going to be launching a SUPER-EPIC-MULTI-BOOK- KICKSTARTER! 
We're going to be revealing the titles ALL THIS WEEK, and on Friday I'm going to give you details of how to join a special mailing list to be the FIRST TO KNOW when the campaign launches! Stay tuned...!


Sunday, 3 December 2017

How to THINK when you draw FEMALE HAIR tutorial taster

This week's tutorial for The Phoenix is How to THINK when you draw FEMALE HAIR, here's a taster!

PLUS!!! GO HERE to get 4 weeks of tutorials, plus 140 pages of incredible COMIC for £1!



Friday, 1 December 2017

2018 preview 1: WHAT IS LEARNUARY? How YOU can get involved, and what WE'RE going to be doing!

Right! Let's start this 2018 preview month off with the FULL DETAILS of just WHAT #LEARNUARY is, and WHY we're doing it!

As you know, I'M VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT SHARING CREATIVE SKILLS ONLINE FOR FREE, and as such I want to begin a movement where for 31 days each year we all FILL THE INTERNET with accessible, useful, empowering FREE art education.

Over the past few years I've seen many of the best creative teaching resources being LOCKED AWAY BEHIND PAYWALLS, which is excluding millions of artists from being able to access quality teaching online. At the same time, the landscape of how people consume the web has changed, with many spending the majority of their time online on social media sites, which have VERY FEW great resources for creative learning.

I want to change that, by making FREE bite-sized, social-media-friendly, high quality online creative learning FOR EVERYONE, created BY EVERYONE, available FOREVER.

No matter what type of or art or creativity you enjoy, I'm hoping you'll join me in bringing a wealth of learning to social media this January!

"Paywalls DOWN, skills UP!"

Now scroll down for our handy tutorial on how it's all going to go down!  #LEARNUARY!